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Овочевий салат NEW
Цезар паста з індиком NEW
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Crazy Greek

We took cucumbers, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, lorosso lettuce, feta and blue onions. And they created a rebrand by adding olives smoked according to the Texas technology - they became the uniqueness.

Легкий овочевий салат Доставка
Green Salad

Light, fresh, vegetable salad from a mix of salads combined with broccoli, tender avocado, fresh cucumber  and edamame beans in ginger-mint sauce.

Салат з запеченим камамбером Доставка
Pomegranate salad

A light salad, with baked Camembert that tender inside, but have a crispy crust, cheese is combined with walnuts, cherry tomatoes, sweet pomegranate seeds

Салат зі свининою
American Potato Salad

The main ingredient is smoked torn pork, cut into fibers with the addition of two types of cucumbers: fresh and pickled, green peas and eggs