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Бургер з яловичиною доставка
Burger with beef

A combination of a fragrant brioche bun with a signature beef brisket and with meat removed from the rib, which is cooked for up to 14 hours in the smoke..

BBQ turkey burger

A turkey burger is a harmonious combination of delicate tzatziki sauce with sliced turkey, cooked for more than 8 hours in a smoker on selected wood. Caramelized onions with fresh tomatoes add incredible juiciness to it.

Бургер з Бараниною Доставка Львів
Pulled Lamb Burger

Tender Assado-style lamb combined with smoked bell peppers along with fresh arugula, caramelized blue onions and pickled cucumber

Бургер зі Свининою Доставка Львів
Smoked Pulled Pork Burger

Juicy pulled pork paired with spicy jalapeños, refreshing coleslaw and BBQ mayo, topped with blue onions, pickles and cheddar cheese, on a crispy sesame seed bun.

Овочевий салат NEW
Цезар паста з індиком NEW
Грецький салат NEW TOP-HOT
Crazy Greek

We took cucumbers, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, lorosso lettuce, feta and blue onions. And they created a rebrand by adding olives smoked according to the Texas technology - they became the uniqueness.

Легкий овочевий салат Доставка
Green Salad

Light, fresh, vegetable salad from a mix of salads combined with broccoli, tender avocado, fresh cucumber  and edamame beans in ginger-mint sauce.

Салат з запеченим камамбером Доставка
Pomegranate salad

A light salad, with baked Camembert that tender inside, but have a crispy crust, cheese is combined with walnuts, cherry tomatoes, sweet pomegranate seeds

Салат зі свининою
American Potato Salad

The main ingredient is smoked torn pork, cut into fibers with the addition of two types of cucumbers: fresh and pickled, green peas and eggs

Сирний суп доставка
Cheese Soup

Incredibly tender cheese cream soup, which is prepared on the basis of chicken broth with the addition of two types of cheese - cream and cheddar, harmoniously combined with crispy onions, fresh arugula and cream.

Бріскет-яловичий суп доставка
Brisket soup

Saturated beef soup, based on pasta and with thin slices of the business card of the kitchen barbecue - brisket, carrots, shallots, decorated with parsley leaves and edamame beans. This soup will be a great easy start to a rich and delicious dinner.

Суп з овочів доставка
Soup with baked BBQ vegetables

Slightly spicy soup with baked BBQ vegetables in the arms of caramelized onions, mozzarella and baby spinach.

Закуски доставка NEW Out of stock
Snack set

It consists of Middle Eastern mezes, which are ideal as an "amuse bouche". A small appetizer to whet your appetite while you wait for the main courses.

Тартар з яловчини доставка
Tar-tar Steak

Juicy beef combined with sun-dried tomatoes, crispy pickled cucumber, fresh сrimean onions, mixed by our chef with mustard and quail egg especially for you.

Хумус на основі нуту

Delicate hummus based on chickpeas and tahini paste, the unusualness of which is added by the combination of flavors of sun-dried tomatoes, smoked paprika with peanuts and edamame beans.

Курячі крильця доставка
Chiken BBQ Wings

Chicken wings caramelized in a spicy barbecue sauce, due to which they have a smoky aftertaste.

Нагетси Доставка
Turkey nuggets

Extremely tender and dietary turkey fillet is breaded with punk breadcrumbs, which creates a crispy crust, but preserves the tenderness of the meat.

Найцікавіший чізкейк доставка NEW Out of stock

Delicate cheesecake with an unusual combination of almond frangipane and smoked apple compote, which will surprise you with interesting presentation and taste.

Шоколадний Брауні доставка

Incredibly chocolate dessert with walnuts and cherries, served with tender nut pralines

Сирники доставка
Curd Fritter

Cheesecakes made of extremely tender cheese, with juicy cherries inside

Картопля фрі доставка з На Мангал
French fries

Crispy potatoes combined with ketchup

Барбекю соус доставка

Classic sauce with smoked plums, ripe tomatoes, smelling of smoke. Sweet and at the same time spicy sauce is indispensable for any meat.

Сирний соус Доставка

This is a traditional sauce used in English cuisine. Gentle, creamy cheese sauce with milk and butter.

Гірчиця соус доставка

Mustard is a sauce that takes your breath away from the strength and burning. It consists of ground grain of natural mustard, sunflower oil and spices.

Кисло-солодкий соус доставка з На Мангал
Sweet and sour sauce

Spicy, balance for taste sauce, which is prepared on the basis of chili pepper, Worcestershire and apple vinegar.

Джек Деніелс соус доставка з На Мангал
Jack Daniels

Unusual taste of sweet and sour sauce based on bourbon of the same name with the addition of teriyaki sauce.

Дзадзикі соус доставка

A light, refreshing sauce based on Greek yogurt combined with cucumber, herbs and mint and a little garlic.

Апельсиновий-чіпотле-доставка з На Мангал
Orange Chipotle

Orange - hot sauce based on chippot peppers, shallots, fragrant cilantro in combination with citrus notes

Лаймово-гострий соус Доставка з На Мангал
Lime hot sauce

Our sharpest sauce, prepared on the basis of shriracha pepper, which is well shaded with lime and honey.

Малина-хрін соус Доставка

The sauce is familiar to everyone, but the unusual combination of the main ingredients gives an interesting sweet and spicy taste and will be something new for you.