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Дегустаційний сет м'яса доставка NEW TOP-HOT
BBQ meat for beer

The new meat tasting set is the perfect dinner for true gourmets! It includes the most delicious types of meat: beef ribs, BBQ sausages, chicken wings and pork ribs.

Сендвіч з пастрамі доставка NEW TOP-HOT
Pastrami sandwich

Try our best sandwich - onion bread, fragrant garlic butter, our tender beef pastrami, which was marinated for 8 days to begin with, and then languished for a long time in smoke.

Свинні ребра
Pork ribs

Soft stewed pork ribs that just melt in your mouth, the meat is easily removed from the bone due to its tenderness

Сосиски BBQ
Sausage BBQ

Spicy sausages made from three types of meat: pork, beef and chicken, with the addition of cheddar cheese and greens.

Яловичі ребра замовити
Short ribs

Beef ribs are the perfect way to get acquainted with the technology of smoky barbecue.

Рвана баранина Смокед ББК Доставка Smoked BBQ
Asado Lamb

Soft and tender lamb acquires its unique taste thanks to asado technology.

Яловичина ніжна Доставка

The visit card of our restaurant, namely the technology of cooking barbecue meat, if you want to fully immerse yourself in the Texas concept "Brisket" will be a great choice.

Грильована курка Доставка NEW
Smoked Chicken

At first, the chicken is marinated in extremely fragrant spices, and then slow smoking leads to tender juicy perfection

Рвана свинина На мангал Безкоштовна доставка
Pulled Pork

A classic of American cuisine, which is perfectly tenderly torn apart by even the most fragile fingers.