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Закуски доставка NEW Out of stock
Snack set

It consists of Middle Eastern mezes, which are ideal as an "amuse bouche". A small appetizer to whet your appetite while you wait for the main courses.

Тартар з яловчини доставка
Tar-tar Steak

Juicy beef combined with sun-dried tomatoes, crispy pickled cucumber, fresh сrimean onions, mixed by our chef with mustard and quail egg especially for you.

Хумус на основі нуту

Delicate hummus based on chickpeas and tahini paste, the unusualness of which is added by the combination of flavors of sun-dried tomatoes, smoked paprika with peanuts and edamame beans.

Курячі крильця доставка
Chiken BBQ Wings

Chicken wings caramelized in a spicy barbecue sauce, due to which they have a smoky aftertaste.

Нагетси Доставка
Turkey nuggets

Extremely tender and dietary turkey fillet is breaded with punk breadcrumbs, which creates a crispy crust, but preserves the tenderness of the meat.

Картопля фрі доставка з На Мангал
French fries

Crispy potatoes combined with ketchup