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Бургер з яловичиною доставка
Burger with beef

A combination of a fragrant brioche bun with a signature beef brisket and with meat removed from the rib, which is cooked for up to 14 hours in the smoke..

BBQ turkey burger

A turkey burger is a harmonious combination of delicate tzatziki sauce with sliced turkey, cooked for more than 8 hours in a smoker on selected wood. Caramelized onions with fresh tomatoes add incredible juiciness to it.

Бургер з Бараниною Доставка Львів
Pulled Lamb Burger

Tender Assado-style lamb combined with smoked bell peppers along with fresh arugula, caramelized blue onions and pickled cucumber

Бургер зі Свининою Доставка Львів
Smoked Pulled Pork Burger

Juicy pulled pork paired with spicy jalapeños, refreshing coleslaw and BBQ mayo, topped with blue onions, pickles and cheddar cheese, on a crispy sesame seed bun.

Ordering burgers in Lviv

Would you like to order a burger in Lviv that will meet all taste, aesthetic and other requirements? Visit the Smoked BBQ restaurant! We do not just prepare dishes, but create masterpieces that will give you real pleasure from every bite. We use only high-quality meat, and we approach the preparation of each burger with love.

Advantages of ordering burger delivery

Of course, you can always visit us and spend time in pleasant company. But delivery of burgers in Lviv opens up many possibilities.

Enjoy a burger at any time

You don't have to leave home to treat yourself to something delicious. In addition, our burgers will be a great lunch at work, a break during study, a well-deserved reward after activity. All you need is to choose the perfect dish, order it through the website or by phone, and then wait for delivery. And you no longer have to look for where to order a burger.

Maximum convenience

Delivery allows you to completely relax, put on comfortable clothes and continue to relax together with a delicious burger, which will be delivered by the courier while it is still hot. The delivery checkout platform is optimized for all mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. With one click of a button or a touch of the screen, the best burgers in Lviv from Na mangal Smoked BBQ will be delivered to your home without any hassle.

A variety of options

Today we offer several options of burgers that have a great taste and are available to order. Each of them is prepared according to the original recipe and has an unsurpassed taste.

Several payment methods

You can pay for burgers in Lviv establishments after receiving them (in the hands of a courier) or online through the functionality of our restaurant website.

Profitable shares

No one likes shipping fees and minimum order requirements. Therefore, we offer to taste burgers at the best prices, which become even more profitable when ordering online.

The speed of ordering burgers in Lviv

The time to prepare one portion is only 15-20 minutes, after which the dish will be properly packed to preserve the taste and aroma and sent by courier to the specified address.

Advantages of ordering burgers at Smoked BBQ

One of the reasons why it is better to order burgers at this particular place with burgers in Lviv is that we prepare each cutlet ourselves, using quality products. Each cutlet is a culinary art of perfect shape, it has optimal dimensions and does not shyly hide behind other components. You can be sure that the meat will be a real star, so you can no longer choose where to order burgers, but immediately proceed to the design.

In addition, our dishes are distinguished by other advantages:

The perfect combination of spices. Our chefs use optimal combinations obtained as a result of culinary experiments. The right bouquet reveals the meat, makes it juicier and softer, complements its taste and aroma. In addition, spices and seasonings are added at a certain stage of cooking. Modern equipment. Our name is not just a brand that prepares burgers in Lviv. Cooking real burgers is impossible without a grill. It is he who gives the cutlet such an appetizing crust and characteristic pattern. We use special equipment and inventory from the best manufacturers. Full control of the cooking process. Our chefs control not only the quality of the products, but also the temperature and cooking time, compliance with the shape and thickness, and the order of laying out the ingredients. Each dish deserves the close attention of our masters, who will not release it without proper inspection. Safety and quality. You can visit our restaurant and see with your own eyes how clean all the equipment is, then order the best burgers in Lviv. Mangal is the heart of the institution, which is looked after every day. The products are stored in proper conditions, the maximum level of hygiene is maintained during preparation. The most delicious buns. Of course, the meat plays an important role, but the buns must also be perfect, complementing and revealing the dish. Since we bake them ourselves, you can be sure they are just that. Soft on the inside, but on the outside, they have a delicious crust and are sprinkled with fragrant sesame seeds. Burgers in Lviv establishments are not always presented in a wide range, but this is not about us! In the menu, you can find a burger with pulled pork, teriyaki with salmon, turkey, as well as classic options with beef or lamb. And all this is complemented by delicious cheese, vegetables and, of course, unique sauces that you will not find anywhere else! Burgers in Lviv from Na mangal Smoked BBQ are a great version of a perfect lunch. Each dish is delicious, hot, filling and unforgettable! And if you run out of supplements, you can order a new portion at any time, as well as supplement it with other items from the menu