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Барбекю соус доставка

Classic sauce with smoked plums, ripe tomatoes, smelling of smoke. Sweet and at the same time spicy sauce is indispensable for any meat.

Сирний соус Доставка

This is a traditional sauce used in English cuisine. Gentle, creamy cheese sauce with milk and butter.

Гірчиця соус доставка

Mustard is a sauce that takes your breath away from the strength and burning. It consists of ground grain of natural mustard, sunflower oil and spices.

Кисло-солодкий соус доставка з На Мангал
Sweet and sour sauce

Spicy, balance for taste sauce, which is prepared on the basis of chili pepper, Worcestershire and apple vinegar.

Джек Деніелс соус доставка з На Мангал
Jack Daniels

Unusual taste of sweet and sour sauce based on bourbon of the same name with the addition of teriyaki sauce.

Дзадзикі соус доставка

A light, refreshing sauce based on Greek yogurt combined with cucumber, herbs and mint and a little garlic.

Апельсиновий-чіпотле-доставка з На Мангал
Orange Chipotle

Orange - hot sauce based on chippot peppers, shallots, fragrant cilantro in combination with citrus notes

Лаймово-гострий соус Доставка з На Мангал
Lime hot sauce

Our sharpest sauce, prepared on the basis of shriracha pepper, which is well shaded with lime and honey.

Малина-хрін соус Доставка

The sauce is familiar to everyone, but the unusual combination of the main ingredients gives an interesting sweet and spicy taste and will be something new for you.